.​.​.​and Friends

by Bogme



-This album was my first solo endeavor, and my first venture away from bass guitar and drums. I recorded it my freshman year of college in my dorm room (2006).

-Primary Guitar: Custom jumbo acoustic guitar I built myself. It has a Northern CA Redwood top from 1970s, aged beautifully with a rich warm tone. Birch 3-piece back and sides, mahogony neck, rosewood fretboard. My pride and joy (currently on hiatus!).

-Secondary Guitar: 1946 Kay acoustic guitar my grandfather left me. It was in pretty rough shape, but with the knowledge gained from building my own, I was able to restore it to playing functionality. A thinner tone with f-holes rather than a centered soundhole, this relic has a gigantic neck and body, and somehow generates its own unique sustain+reverb. My grandfather got it in Germany while occupying after WWII. She turned 71 this year, plays like a dream (once you get used to the big honkin' neck!). My grandfather would have been 89. R.I.P.

*If I remember correctly, I was using a free version of Adobe Audition with one of those flimsy $11 Logitech microphones w/ the circular stand & adjustable angle, 1/8th inch plug into the headphone jack! haha!

**And I obviously hadn't learned about doing more/better takes yet! Unless that's what I was going for...all "postmodern"...who knows at 18?!


released February 14, 2007

All songs written, performed, & recorded by Bogme.



all rights reserved



-I'm a musician from Upstate NY, where I graduated from Fredonia's School of Music.

-These are most of the albums I've recorded on since 2006.

- Albums by Respect Mother, The Swinging Field, Longitude, & Balto are FREE so as to not exploit former band members!

- Everything else was written by me. So pay up! ;)

-I host The Neighborhood Podcast on iTunes. Follow me @bogme on Gab!

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Track Name: While We Watch And Wait
Track Name: Beautiful Eyes (ft. Brian Coyne)
She loves herself but,
can't help but wonder how
it came to be this way.
Wandering hopelessly, contemplating
the things that held her so far back 'n down...
Oh, the thing's she'll say.

But who knows what she could've been today?
With those eyes, they bring color to his gray

He has to live without
all the things he cares about,
his life is out of his own hands.
He's tired - reaches for the blanket when it's cold
'N gives it to the lady that he knows
so that she's comfortable with him.

And he thinks that he won't lose her anymore,
with those eyes, they bring color to his door

Oh, won't you come down with me, down today?
Track Name: Bucky
He broke out of jail, he had nothin; to lose.
Two months on the road, keepin' guns in his shoes.
Well, I don't know if what he did was right.
But one thing is for sure, this man ain't goin' down without a fight.

Where did you go?
Where the bullets flow tonight!
Don't you know?
'Ole Bucky hang tight!
Help is on it's way.

Unheard of for months, 'til one late August day.
Then out come the guns, BANG BANG! Someone's got to pay.
Back into the woods, run quick they're closing in!
Be careful they don't catch you my friend, 'cause -

Dyin's the only way out of this sin!

It's 2am you could be gone tomorrow. But they've got you surrounded, drownin' in your sorrow. You hear the faint roar of those helecopters. They won't end their search until you're dead and in the dirt. It's hundreds of men against just this one. Here they come again, they think that they've won?! Oh, NO, there's more of them than you thought!

Don't do it Bucky, put down that gun!"

'Ole Bucky, he went down without a fight.
Track Name: Consciousness
You've got the end-all, be-all
You've got the certainty
You've got the answer to all the questions asked by me

May I inquire if you could elaborate yourself?
And please know that I'm ok...but don't run away!

I've got to explain myself and my reasoning
for choosing this life, I know it's not the best one...
'Cause ya see that it hurts and it burns and it stings
and it feels like it brings my entire world crashing down.
But there's no way it could ever be worse
than what I'm living,

We can't run away from the past which claims us
As Consciousness collides, and it's
The water it seems has washed us back to

You are the end-all, be-all.
Track Name: The Happiness Of The World Comes From Things We Have Yet To Understand
Track Name: Jim Brown and His Fantastic Brigade of Thieves pt.1
Hey little sister, were you runnin' to the diamond mine?
Or the Watergate in the Sunday Times?
Where are you running?
Where will you go?

Hey little man, your words have gone unprepared.
Your daughter's hands run through the air
looking for something.
Looking for home.

Hey little farmer, those seeds in your hand?
They'll bury underneath the land.
What are you planting tonight?
Let it grow!
Track Name: Drift Away
The words have escaped me.
Haunting souls will descend.
With this cure come the ties of the daydreamer,
what can I defend?
And when a reckless heart's abused,
torn and battered to hell...
When you loneliest light left illuminant,
I will be here then.

No rest for comfort in this bed!
I know you'll be gone in the end.

And now it's come to show.
For reasons we can't find,
our roads lead us back to where we came from,
littered with pieces to find.
Piecing together from the past,
we never crossed the street too fast.
We never said the words required by the ages
with hearts and souls to pass.

Don't rest for comfort in this bed!
I know you'll be gone in the end.
Leaving what's left of me instead...

Drift away...
Track Name: Alyssa
When these days are gone
and these nights run out
these tears, they come'a runnin'.
All that's left is gone, here in the winter!
Will you come runnin'?
Will you just stare?
I don't have time for this!
Burn it to the ground, I can't take what once was there!

Can you tell me who WON'T you forget?
Can you tell me?

I hate you! Get out of my life (again)!
You're caught on the strands that won't break.
Come back inside, in from the winter's rain!

Can you tell me who WON'T you forget?
Can you tell me?
Track Name: As They Listen And Move (ft. Becca Ryskalczyk)
While we watch and wait for them...
As they listen and move for them...

And on the shore,
the tide washes away...someday.

While we watch and wait for them...
As they listen and move for them...

And on the shore,
the tide washes away.
They're in the sand, elated.
Taken by the romance of a dozen waves,
and as we lay...

You'll never wash me away.
Track Name: Who In The Hell Is Mike Davis? (ft. Mike Davis)
His blood runs thicker than iron and stone.
Do you remember when his eyes were shot
redder than the rising eastern sun.
Like the Canton River flows
to where Lake Erie's wind's do blow.
And his fire burns deep into the night.

But he's still laughing, for no reason but his own.

His inebriation shows where his silhouettes all grow -
on the sidewalk and the gravely moonlit winter road.
No woman is safe from his charm and etiquette.
It's straight from the northern New York farms,
and endless company is his fate.

And he's still laughing,
Laughing right down to the end.
For no reason but his own.

Who in the hell is Mike Davis?

He can't save us.

Mike Davis...?
Track Name: Come To
Track Name: The People That I Know
I know this one guy, he always waved as he passed me by.
I never did like him all that much, however.
So the next time that I saw him...
I punched him in the chin.

I know this one fair lady, she was lookin' down the road.
She saw a ghost she didn't know, she asked me,
"What's that thing doin' there?"
I said "I don't know," she said,
"What are you gonna do?"
So I shot that damn beast in the eye.

I know this one group of folks, and they call out my name whenever they see me outside.
And it's really, kind of starting to get on my nerves...just a little bit.
So I bit the pin out of that grenade, oh, yeah...
and watched their heads explode.

I know these two good 'ole boys, 'ole Nathaniel, & 'ole Benjamin,
they were drivin' on the side of a mountain.
When someone behind them...well, it wasn't the nicest hand gesture I'd ever seen in my life.
So, as they ran that car off that cliff, they pulled over to watch it burn...
they slapped each other high-five, and got back in their car.

Oh, the people that I know.
You see, some are good.
And then, some are bad.
Oh, let me tell you...

The PEOPLE that I know!
Track Name: Jim Brown and His Fantastic Brigade of Thieves pt. 2
Come rest your head on this pillow,
and we will see the fiery show.
The sun is down, the blankets close,
next to the one you love the most.
And as we lay under the stars,
the colors change and we call them ours.
Falling down to the ground
as an ash of a dream we once had.

And now our time is almost up.
The lemonade has left our cups.
Be sure to dream this night away.

We drive away into the night.
No other soul could be in sight.
And we can't help but smile and laugh,
though soon this night will be the past.
Ten years from now, please don't let fade,
the timeless love of our brigade!
The summer roads, the moonlit smiles!

And now our time is almost up.
The lemonade has left our cups.
Be sure to dream this night away.